Hazrat Baba Srotri Dargah Sharif



Famous Dargah in Shimla hills in Himachal Pradesh, Ghora Chowki
( 90 years old Dargah Sharif ).

Famous Dargah Shareef in Shimla where Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs all climb the steps- together to reach the ninety years old Hazrat Baba Srotri Dargah Shareef. Located at Ghora chowki, near Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, it is a place where religious differences become meaningless.
Thursday’s are considered to be Hazrat Baba’s day. And on that day people from all faiths come here and offer prayers. The Zayereens ( Aqeedathmands ) believe in the Dargah’s power to grant wishes but more than that, it is what the Dargah Shareef symbolizes that brings them

One thing in this dargah shareef the mannat are fullfilled. and people from all faiths climb the steps to do ziyarat.

City : Shimla Ghora Chowki

District : Shimla Hills

State : Himachal Pradesh


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