Dargahs of Alibaug- Mumbai -INDIA

City: Mumbai District Mumbai State: Maharashtra


Hazrat Ali Shah Baba


Mazar in Kolaba Fort :: Haji Kamaluddin Shah

Kolaba Fort seen from the Ali Baug Beach

View of the Beach From the Fort


Mazar on Aqsi Beach. :: Hazrat Shakroollla Shah baba.

This Mazaar committee members are all Hindus but we could
see that the Mazaar is very well kept and maintanined well.

Masjid in Ram Rajya village, 6 Kms from Valve Village..
Which is 12 Km from Ali baug City

View of Masjid in Ram Rajya Village

Mazaar in Ram Rajya Village : Hazrat Buddhan Shah Baba

Mazar on Hill (3 kms from Ram Rajya Village) : Hazrat Sayed Walee Sahab


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