Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammed (R. A ) Almaroof Katha Peer (RA).

City Name: Laksar District: Dehradun State: Uttarakhand


Dargah of Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammed (R.A)


Place / City / Village : Village Shivgarh , 13 kms from Laksar Bus stand
( Laksar is known as the Sugar cube of Uttarakhand )

District : Dehradun District

State : Uttarakhand

Hazrat Syed Shah Mohammed (Rahmatullahi Allaih ) Almaroof Katha Peer (RA) is great auliya sufi saint in Laksar, Dehradun District of Uttarakhand. Hazrat Shah Mohammed (RA) came from Arabia and preached peace and brotherhood.

The dargah Sharief is very famous and people who make wishes with their pure heart will come true here.

Urs-e- Shareef :- . Milk and Gur ki Bheli is distributed as tabaruk.

Route : – Dargah Shareef is located at Shivgarh village, 13 Kilometres from Laksar bus stand via Sultanpur village towards Haridwar Road.


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