Hzrt Mohammed Kasim (R.A), Kavarathy Island – Lakshadweep. INDIA

City: Lakshadweep (Kavarathy ) District: Lakshwadeep State: Union Territory

Aulia Hazrath Mohammed Kasim,
His Mazar is situated in Kavarathy Island – Lakshadweep.

It is thought  he is from Ankoor – Karnataka & left home at the early age & went into the forest, After which he left to Mecca & on his way back he reached Kavarathy Island in the Arabian Sea around 400 years back. He is from Refayi Order & Helped the people of Lakshadweep.


Bitra is an Island in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep in India.

There is a small shrine dedicated to an old Arab saint by the name of Malik Mulla who was buried on the island. The shrine has become a site for of pilgrimage. A census in 1991 determined that only 225 people made this island their home.


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