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(Qutub e Mahboob Nagar District)
{Wisaal 21 zilhijja 906 hijri}

{Wisaal 21 zilhijja 906 hijri}


koil kunda is located 25 kilo meters from mahaboob nagar district of andhra pradesh. and mahaboob nagar is 98 kilo meters far from hyderabad. You can reach this place from hyderabad easilymfrom Mahatma gandhi bus station you will find buses to mahaboob nagar, within 2 hours you will reach to mahaboob nagar, and from the bus station of mahaboob nagar you can find buses to KOIL KUNDA and within 40 minutes you will reach KOIL KUNDA.

people say that he came from afghanistan..(allah knows best)

There was a very famous magician (jadoogar) his name was RAJA KOIL. He used to kill one person everyday to increase his magical powers..many aulia Allah try to fight with him but he killed many aulia who came in his way or who tried to stop him from killing innocent people to increasing his magical powers…many aulia Allah were shaheed while trying to stop this jadoogar. Because Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has given this task to a qutub of mahaboob nagar… yes he was Hazrat Syed Abdurrahman Hussaini Rahmatullah Alehi.. he killed this jadoogar and conquered the Castle of koil raja..since then qutub of mahaboob nagar also known as FATEH E QILA KOIL KONDA.. (Conqueror of the castle of koil konda)

sandal Mubarak is every year 21 Zil Hijjah
Fateha Monthly : 21 of every Arabic month between asar and maghrib salah.

the mazar shareef is made on some hight we have to pour flowers from this stick. no one can kiss the mazar.

Hazrat Abdurrahman Hussaini Rahmatullah alehi has cultivated 16 trees of miswak. But now only 9 of them remain alive..the special thing in these trees is.. every leaf of this tree has something written on it from the Arabic alphabets. (I have seen this with my own eyes)..if you want to see this live miracle you can go to dargah shareef.

you can see the trees behind the mazar e shareef of his son

This stone is called mannati musalla..if have any wish and u want to find out if your wish will be fulfilled or not then you can test it. Just make a wish and lift the stone with only 2 fingers.. if your wish is going to be fulfilled then you can lift the stone very easily..if your wish is not going to be fulfilled then the stone will be very heavy and you can feel it. (I have tested this one also)

Hazrat Syed Shah Abdurrahman Hussain Rahmatullah alehi and his blessed wife hazrat Syeda Chand Bibi Sahiba is also very famous in local non-muslim peoples. They call WADI ANNA to hazrat shah sahab and WADI AMMA to his wife hazrat syeda chand bibi sahiba.. wadi anna means the one who fulfills wishes.
Khadim of bargah says hazrat syeda chand bibi sahiba rahmatullah aleha have greater place in wilayat than hazrat Abdurrahman hussaini rahmatullah alehi (allah knows best)

his blessed wife beside his mazar..

The back of mazaar e shareef, there is one mountain (pahad). Its name is CHA’HAL TAN PAHAD it was named chahaltan pahad because on this pahad. total 40 aulia e kiram have done chilla..one of them is hazrat syed shah abdurrahman hussaini. but now adays local non muslim peoples have overtaken the place and named it as raama konda..

Son : Hazrat Syed Shah Jalal Hussaini Rahmatullah alehi known as Peer Miya Hussaini Rahmatullah alehi. His blessed mazar is also located in the ahaata.

Patenal Uncle : Hazrat Syed Shah Ahmad Shamsul Alam Hussaini [QUTUB E RAICHOOR]
you can find info about him in following link

and his beloved father and grand father is resting in gogi shareef karnataka. talluqa shahpoor
his father name is hazrat syed shah noor alam hussaini
his grand father name is hazrat syed shah jalaluddin hussaini known as CHANDA HUSSAINI resting in GOGI SHAREEF Karnataka

There is one more great wali resting in the ahata, his name is Hazrat Syed Ahmad Hussaini.. he was the first khadim of hazrat Abdurrahman hussaini rahmatullah alehi. peples say that before hundred years sugar used to pour from his blessed mazar but now it is stopped because peoples are disrespecting the sugar by weighing it.

you can see the mazar of hazrat syed ahmed hussaini rahmatullah alehi.. the first mazar is of him.


Sufi Shrines of Warangal, Andhra Pradesh,India



Aasthana e Aaliya Mashooq E Rabbani{ra}

Aasthana-e-aaliya shahzaada-e-ghouse-e-aazam

Hazrat syed jalaaluddin jamaalulbaher mashooq-e-rabbaani urf mashooq-e-rabbaani rahmatullaliah
Wiladath ba saadath: – 896 hijri
Wesaal-e-mubaarak: – 22nd rajjab 977 hijri
Route map: – just 5 km from warangal railway station.
Location: – urus jageer, warangal, andhra pradesh.
Urs e mubaarak: – 21st rajjab to 23rd rajjab every year

History: – Hazrat Syed Mashooq-e-rabbani Rahmatullalaih is from 11th direct descendant of huzoor sayyadina ghousul aazam dastageer rahmatullalaih.



Aasthana-e-aaliya sultanussalikeen huzoor syed shah ghouse moinuddin qaudri
Eldest son of sarkaar mashooq-e-rabbaani rahmatullaliah
Wiladath ba saadath: – 936 hijri
Wesaal-e-mubaarak: – 06th muharram 1010 hijri
Route map: – just 5 km from warangal railway station
Location: – urus jageer, warangal, andhra pradesh
Urs e mubaarak: – 05th muharram to 07th muharram every year

Hazrat sayyad shah sufee khaja zainul abideen shuttari ul qaudri gondvi
Wiladath ba saadath: – 23/10/1910
Wesaal-e-mubaarak: – on 30/01/1997 at 02:35 pm 20th ramzaan 1417 hijri
Route map: – just 5 km from warangal railway station.
Location: – urus jageer, warangal, andhra pradesh
Urs e mubaarak: – 20th ramzaan to 22nd ramzaan every year
History :- Hazrat sufi syed shah khaja zain ul abideen shuttari ul qaudri gondvi is from 16th direct descendant of huzoor sayyadina ghousul aazam dastageer rahmatullalaih.he is the grandson of hazrat syed shah daata bandah ali shah qaudri resting at gondia,maharastra, even till date tiger will arrive to serve at baargaah.

Sayyadah bibi raisunnisa
W/o syed khaja zainul abideen shuttari ul qaudri
Wiladath ba saadath: – 05/05/1936
Wesaal-e-mubaarak: – on 10/04/2004 at 6:30 pm 19th safar 1425 hijri
Route map: – just 5 km from warangal railway station.
Location: – urus jageer, warangal, andhra pradesh
Urs e mubaarak: – 18th safar to 20th safar
History: – sayyadah bibi raisunnisa is the grand daughter of qaazi syed husaamuddin land lord of gondia, maharashtra.


This is the Dargha of hazrat yaqub shaheed in annaram popularly known as “annaram shareef”. The dargha of hazrat yaqub shaheed is approx 4o kms away from hazrat mashooq-e-rabbani dargha in waranga

Baba Tajuddin Syed Quadri atop Dolphin Hills in Visakhapatnam. Vizag , Andhra Pradesh.INDIA


Baba Tajuddin Syed Quadri atop Dolphin Hills in Visakhapatnam.
Vizag , Andhra Pradesh.


Hazrat Syed Ali Ishaq Madani Aulia (RA).

As lengend goes here. Hazrat ishaq madani(RA) came from madina almost 600 years back He was one of first great muslim saint in Costal area of Andhra .He was friendly to poor people and especialy fishermans.

Visakhapatnam : Shortened and anglicized: Visakha/Vizag or Vizagapatnam is a coastal, port city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, located on the eastern shore of India, nestled among the hills of the Eastern Ghats and facing the Bay of Bengal to the east. It is the administrative headquarters of Visakhapatnam District and is also home of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy.


Introduction of Yaseen baba :
Yaseen baba is Mureed of hazrat ishaq madani (RA).Yaseen baba was a teacher in a small school.later on. He have gained marifat as he was sincere disciple of Hazrat ishaq madani(RA)


Yaseen baba

Sufi shrine of Vijayawada – District : Krishna State : Andhra Pradesh-India


Dargah Hazrath Syed Galib Shaheed Baba, Vijayawada

Mazar-E-Shariff Hazrath Syed Aabid Shaheed Baba
(brother of H.Galib Shaheed Baba ), Vijayawada.

Hazarath Syed Ali Hussain Shah khadari

Hazarath Syed Shah khadari


Dargah Hazrath Syed Galib Shaheed Baba, Kondapalli, Vijayawada.

These are the Mazar-E-Shariffs of brothers of H.Galib Shaheed who were killed during the battle and known as CHOTE SHAHEEHS, Kondapalli.

These are the remains of Horse hoofs of Hazrat Galib Shaheed Baba at the time of battle during spread of islam, Kondapalli.

Hazarath Syed Aabid Shaheed
Hazarath Syed Amenuddin Chisty
Hazarath Syed Musafir Bukhari

Dargah Hazrat Syed Shah Bukhari, B-Colony Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada

Hazarath Syed Roshan baba Qalandar Khadari Chisty

Hazarath Syed Mastan Vali (Lothe Sothe Wale Baba)
Hazarath Syed Mustafa Baba

Mazar-E-Shariff Hazrat Syed Majli Baba, Rayanpad, Vijayawada

City/Town : Vijayawada
District : Krishna
State : Andhra Pradesh


Hazrat Shahedallah Qadri Rehmatullah Alai in Tekmal

These are the photographs of Hazrat Shahedallah Qadri
Rehmatullah Alai
in Tekmal , this village is 112 kms distance from Hyderabad city & it’s near Medak district.

Hazrat came from baghdad sharif on the direction of Hazrat Ghausul Azam Raziallahutaala,


Mausoleum of his Sufi master Hazrat Shah
Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri at Tekmal.

Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Hussaini is the disciple of Hazrat Shaheedullah Hussaini and on his insistence he moved to Tekmal and is buried there.

Sayyid Sahib Husayni
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sufi and Muslim Scholar

Name: Sayyid Sahib Husayni
Title: Qadiri ,
Birth: 1805 CE (1219 AH) in Tekmal
Death: January 9, 1880 CE (26 Muharram 1297 AH) in Tekmal
Maddhab: Sunni Sufi
School tradition: Qadiriyyah
Main interests: Sufism

Influences: Disciple of Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri
Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Husayni born 1805 – Parda January 9, 1880), was a famous Sufi saint from Hyderabad State and had a great influence over spiritual developments in the Deccan area. He belonged to Qadiri Order, and was a great proponent of the concept of Wahdat al-Shuhood.

Sahib Husayni was a murid (disciple) of the noted Sufi saint of Hyderabad, Hazrat Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri, who also belonged to the Qadiri Order.

As per the family tree preserved in the family records, Sayyid Sahib Husayni was a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah and Ali ibn Abi Talib. The thirteenth in line from their descent was the famous sufi Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, who founded the Qadiri Order and Sayyid Sahib Husayni is his direct descendent. Sayyid Sahib Husayni belongs to the forty-first generation after Fatimah.

He was born Sayyid Sahib Husayni in Tekmal in 1805. His father was Sayyid Abdur Razzaq who was also initiated into the Qadiri Order. This was during the period of the Nizam Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikander Jah, Asaf Jah III of Hyderabad State.

Sahib Husayni moved to Hyderabad city at the age of 14 to pursue his higher education and remained there for five years despite financial pressures. He was determined to acquire the knowledge of religious and worldly sciences. In 1824, he was forced to return to Tekmal due to illness and death of his father. That is when he realized that he had not been able to acquire the knowledge of spiritual awareness from his father who was very advanced in these matters.

Sayyid Sahib Husayni lamented this for a long time. Eventually he claims to have had dreams in 1825 which his father appeared and advised him to become the disciple of Hazrat Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri, who was a famous Sufi of his times in Hyderabad. Therefore, he sought out this great sufi, and became his disciple the following year in 1826. The same year, Hazrat Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri appointed Sayyid Sahib Husayni as his “khalifa” (successor). Having acquired this status, Sahib Hussaini returned home to Tekmal.

During the upcoming years, Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri visited his khalifah Sayyid Sahib Husayni a number of times in Tekmal. During one such visit in 1831, he also granted the title of “sajjadah” to Sayyid Sahib Husayni.

In 1833, Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Qadiri visited Tekmal again, and proclaimed that he would die in that town, and be buried there. A place for his grave was determined. He came again the following year in 1834 and expired and is buried in Tekmal according to his will. His death occurred on 2 Sha’aban 1249 Hijri. Twenty one years later in 1854, Sayyid Sahib Husayni had a mausoleum constructed over the tomb of his master.

Sayyid Sahib Husayni died in Tekmal in the year 1880 and his buried there. He left behind 5 sons and one daughter as follows:

Sayyid Ahmad Badshah Qadiri (who became his successor), 1833-1907
Sayyid Maroof Badshah Qadiri, d.1910
Sayyid Yasin Badshah Qadiri, d. 1914
Sayyid Muhyi-uddin Badshah Qadiri
Sayyid Abdul Qadir Badshah Qadiri
Sahibni Bi (daughter) who was married to Khwaja Qiyamuddin

Development Activities
Sayyid Sahib Husayni is remembered for the number of development works he initiated in and around Tekmal. Among the projects he undertook, the following ones are of key importance:

Establishment of Madrasah-e-Husayniya in 1827. This complex was funded out of his own money, and has continued to be the most important institution to impart education in Tekmal. This institution was considered to be one of the prime educational institutions in the State of Hyderabad, and its graduates were in great demand.
Establishment of the Tekmal Mosque in 1827. It is one of the largest mosques in the district.
Digging of sweet water wells in different parts of Tekmal region for the benefit of the common people.

His Works
Sayyid Sahib Husayni wrote a number of books on aspects of Sufism.

His other famous works are the following books in Persian and Urdu languages:

Masnawi Shahid-ul-Askar – This book is a commentary on book Khatimah written by Khwaja Bande Nawaz

Shawahid-i Husayni – This book covers a number of subjects. It has chapters on the Islamic creed, Islamic jurisprudence, issues of Sufism, guidance on the Sufi path, worship, day to day affairs, and methods of entering into the remembrance of Allah.

Shahid-ul-Wujud – This book was originally written in Persian and translated into Urdu by Prof. Syed Ataullah Hussaini, Karachi, 1986. It covers aspects of Sufi thought.

Nukat-i Shahid – This book covers answers to questions raised by his disciples among other subjects.

Maktub-i Husayni – This is a compilation of his letters.

Farhang-i Husayni – This is a primer on Persian grammar and language, and it has been used for decades in many parts of Hyderabad State for the teaching of Persian language. This was the first book he wrote. It was written during the years 1827 and 1831.

Sayyid Sahib Husayni is a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad. His family lineage is as follows, which also indicates how his ancestors moved to India and eventually to Tekmal:

Fatima, daughter of Prophet Muhammad, d. 632
Hasan ibn Ali, d. 670
Hasan al-Muthanna
Abdallah Mahidh
Musa Al-Jun
Abdullah Thani
Musa Thani
Yahya Zahid
Abu Saleh Musa
Abdul Qadir Gilani, 1077-1166
Sayyid Tajuddin Abdur Razzaq Qadiri, 1135-1207, moved to Syria
Sayyid Abu Saleh Imaduddin Nasar Qadiri, d. 1236
Sayyid Abu Nasar Shamsuddin Qadiri, d. 1259
Sayyid Abdullah Qadiri
Sayyid Ibrahim Qadiri Ilahabadi, moved to Ilahabad, India in mid-14th cent. during reign of Firuz Shah Tughlaq
Sayyid Jafar Qadiri
Sayyid Muhammad Qadiri
Sayyid Abdul Ghaffar Qadiri
Sayyid Muhammad Qadiri
Sayyid Abdur Ra’uf Qadiri
Sayyid Abdul Wahhab Qadiri
Sayyid Quresh Qadiri
Sayyid Abul Fatah Hidayatullah Qadiri
Sayyid Sultan ul Muwahhidin Qadiri
Sayyid Hameed Qadiri
Sayyid Abdul Malik Qadiri
Sayyid Umar Qadiri
Sayyid Ahmad Qadiri
Sayyid Ali Mas`ud Qadiri
Sayyid Awliya Qadiri
Sayyid Abul Hasan Qadiri
Sayyid Ahmad Qadiri
Sayyid Jamalullah Qadiri Ilahabadi
Sayyid Abdul Wahid Qadiri, d.1715 at Jogipet (migrated to Hyderabad Deccan in 1702).
Sayyid Shukrullah Qadiri, d. 1745 at Tekmal
Sayyid Abdul Wahid Sani Qadiri, d. 1800 at Tekmal
Sayyid Abdur Razzaq Qadiri, d. 1823 at Tekmal
Sayyid Sahib Husayni Qadiri, 1805-1880 at Tekmal

^ See History of Takemal Dargah by Syed Ahmed Quadri, Hyderabad, 1978, pp 4-5 for the complete list of ancestors of Sayyid Sahib Husayni.
^ Shajar Ghawsiya tekmal mein, by Syed Ahmed Quadri, Hyderabad, 1977, page 59



This is original photos of Hazrat Naib e Rasool Dargah ( Amma jan and Bawa Jan) in Rahmatabad where lakhs of people get cure from spiritual and other aligments.


PLACE : RAHMATABAD / A.S PETA ( 53 Kms from Nellore & 10 Kms from Atmakur )


Bismillahir Rahman Nir Raheem.

Allahumma Salle ‘Ala Syedina Mohammedin Wo ‘Ala Al-li-hi Syedina Mohammedin Wo Barik Wo Salim.

“Ala Inna Awliya Allahi la Khauf-un Alaihim wa Lahum Yah-Zanoon”
The Dargah Shareef of Hazrat Syed Nayab-e-Rasool (Rahmathullah Allaih ) is situated in Rahmatabad / A.S.Peta, which is one of the most visited place in nellore. 53 km from Nellore, and 10 km from Atmakur. The two famous spiritual personalities in Rahmatabad Shareef are Hazrath Khwaja Syed Nayab-e-Rasool (Rahmatullah Allaih) and his wife Maa Habiba popularly known as Ammajaan Saheba (RA).

Hazrat Syed Nayab-e-Rasool (Rahmathullah Allaih )
was a great auliya / Spiritual leader / sufi saint. He had spend his whole life in teaching the qualities of islam, sunnah, Love and humanity. He was a great sufi saint who rendered great services to humanity and mankind through out his life and gave the message of peace and thought good preachings of islam irrespective of caste, creed or colour. It is one of the unique place where Hindus and Muslims blend together and stand as an illustration of National integrity. Devotees from different parts of the Country used to come to this place without distinction. The ornamental work of the dome of the Dargah Shareef of Rahmatabad is worth to seen.

Hazrat Syed Nayab-e-Rasool (RA) is a great auliya who even arranged funds and send to madina shareef for the development for the sake of islam for educational institutions and at the time of crisis to serve the humanity. Hazratha Amma Jan Saheba (RA) rendered great khidmaths to Hazrat Syed Nayab-e-Rasool ( Rahmathullah Allaih ).

It is said that in the state of Zikr Hazrath Syed Nayab-e-Rasool (Rahmathullah Allaih) use to recite Dalail-ul-Khairath and use to pass through the green fields in an unconscious state and people use to listen this recitation of Dalail-ul-Khairath in many places.


Even today people witness great kash-o-karmaths at the dargah shareef and unsolved matters are being solved at the dargah by the duas and blessings of this great auliya. Also many people say whenever this auliya comes in the dreams of the people who come with great troubles and problems and they are been cured in a short period of time after the blessings from this auliya in form basharats ( dreams ) at the dargah site. Thousands of believers visit the place each year during the time when celebrations Urs Shareef and Sandal mubarak takes place. Believers see miracles happen to them.

BUS SERVICES to Rahmatabad Shareef
There are direct Buses to Rahmatabad / A.S Peta from Hyderabad, Nellore, Atmakur , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States. Rahmatabad is 53 km from Nellore, and 10 km from Atmakur.

Allah and Rasool Allah Sal lalahu Alaihi wa Sallam Aap ki har mushkil door kare. Ameen. Aap ki har jayes tamana puri kare. Ameen. Aap ki and Aap ke Ghar walon ki hayati ki darasi karne. Ameen. Ap aur Ghar walon ke upar tah qayamat tak Auliya Allah and buzurgan-e-deen ka saaya rahe. Ameen. Aap ko Ghar walon ko deen aur duniya me kamiyabee hasil kare. Ameen. Ya Rabbil ‘Alameen.

Allah humma Salle ‘ala Syedina wa Maulana wa Rahati Qulubina wa Shafiya Zunubina wa Tabeeba Zaherana wa Batina Mohammedinw wa ‘Ala Alihi wo Ashabihi wo Auliyahi wa Ummatihi bi Rahmatika ya Ar-Rahmarraheem wal Hamdullilahi Rabbil ‘Alameen.

Allah aur Rasool-e-Kareem, Sal-lal-lahu Alaihi Wa Sallam , Hazrath Hazrat Syed Nayab-e-Rasool (Rahmathullah Allaih ) and Hazratha Amma Jan Saheba (RA) may do khass Nazar e Karam on you and your family and your beloved ones. Ameen. Ya Rabbil ‘Alameen.
Important Note : If anybody reaches Nellore it is advisable to visit Bara Shaheed Dargah in Nellore and then visit Kasmur shareef ( Hazrath Kale Shah Mastan Baba Dargah ) which is 25 kms from Nellore and Rahmatabad Shareef ( Hazrath Nayab-e-Rasool (RA) Dargah which 53 kms from Nellore ]