What is Fathia Sharif

Fathia Shairf-Is a term given to a collective of specif quranic prayers.

The Specific prayers are :

Surah Al-Fatiha – Recite once.

Ayat ul Kursi  – Recite once:
Surah Ikhlaas-Then recite 3 times


by reciting these prayes you have effectively completed fathia sharif. Once read the rewards of these prayers can be conveyed to the Deceased .  It could be one or many deceased. Each will receive equal amount of blessings and rewards including the reader of the prayer and any participants.


Often this prayer is done over some food present or it can be done without food such as at grave side ..etc..etc.


Basically these prayers are read during Gyarmee or Chatti sharif which are monthly Sufian events.



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