Vows, Mannat , Intentions , Wishes

If your intended wish has come true after making a wish via Ajmer Sharif Dargah then, you should hasten in fulfilling your “Mannat.”
This is very important since the Mannat until fully done, stays upon a person as a burden. So we strongly advise you to contact us in Ajmer Sharif.
We have a lot of inquires coming through of people who have hesitated or somewhat reluctant in giving Mannat after their wish has come true! Please understand that the Intention of Mannat is not a child’s play. You are making a pledge in the divine spiritual courts that you promise to fulfill (Mannat) should a specific wish be granted.
Once the Wish or Mannat has come true and then, not fulfilling your Mannat as quickly as possible is not a Good Idea in the Spiritual sphere. So we strongly suggest to those who have achieved a successful Mannat to complete to do so at once, and to those who are intending to do a Mannat (Wish) please consider such action with great responsibility and care …This is not a matter to be taken half-heartedly or lightly! You are making a promise.So Keep it!
We strongly advise you to pick the phone & ring me without delay

if you have questions in regards to mannat or are seeking to make mannat at the Dargah sharif. We can help you through the process of making the mannat on behalf of you by tying the Wish String called a “Thaga”. We can guide you through in the completion of your Mannat after successful outcomes.



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